Best Ceiling Fans

Best Ceiling Fans

Best Ceiling Fans in India : Top 9 Ceiling Fan

A Ceiling fan has been one of the most important appliances in a household for decades. Especially here in India, you will find a ceiling fan in every home and office too. These fans just circulate the air inside the room and create a cooling effect, which gives us relief in summers, or any other reason like spring and autumn.

Along with this, nowadays a ceiling fan also has become a style statement in the household. There is a wide range of beautiful ceiling fans available in the market. So wherever anybody wants to buy the best ceiling fan they always choose a fan with good qualities and the design which will suit or increase their home interior.

The one more reason which has a ceiling fan so popular is that these fan has consumed really low energy and gives the best result with instantly bring down the temperature of the room.

So, here we are presenting Best ceiling fans in India after a long research. Our team has searched Top 9 Best ceiling fans.

1. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex Ceiling Fan

This Orient Electric Apex FX 1200 mm Ceiling Fan is one of the best ceiling fans available in India under the price of Rs. 1500/-. It has come in two different colors.

This Fan will give your home a clean and sober look. this is durable and delivers high-quality airflow. Orient has been delivering a wide variety of ceiling fans for many years. So if you are looking for a simple but good looking ceiling fan for your home, this will be a good choice for you.


  • High-Speed Air Delivery
  • Powerful coper motor of 78-watt power
  • Design is good
  • Easy to clean
  • Consume less power


  • Sometimes becomes noisy.

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2. Havells Nicola 1200 mm

Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan

This Beautiful fan will surely add exquisite beauty and brighten up your home interior. Havells Nicola 1200 mm ceiling fan gives you a complete great performance with a really charming design.

It has a metallic finish which keeps this fan new for years. It also has a powerful 68-watt motor and works at an rpm of 330, which ensures air delivery to almost all corners of the room.

And also not to forget that Havells has a good reputation in the market for manufacturing such an elegantly design fan with great performance and durability.


  • Looks at the fan are amazing which can increase the decor of any type of interior.
  • it works really quiet, so no need to bare irritating sound of fans.
  • Works at low power voltage.
  • This can fill a large room with air and spread the flaw in every corner.
  • easy to clean.


  • It is a bit high in price

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3. Crompton Hill Briz 48-inch Ceiling Fan

Crompton Hill Briz Ceiling Fan

This Beautiful ceiling fan can complete the classic look in your home. This traditional design fan consumes low power and gives great efficiency.

The fan features a ribbed aluminum body with a unique angle that allows it to deliver more air over a large area.

Also, the fan rotates at a speed of 370rpm and gives the power output of 75-watts.

The double ball bearing motor makes this fan totally noiseless. Thus this Crompton Hill Briz Ceiling fan circulates air in small to large rooms.


  • Thi is suitable for small to big rooms. 
  • The speed of the fan is also good.
  • Airflow is good enough.
  • This work quite noiselessly.
  • Design of the fan is classic.


  • Finishing looks is not super glossy.
  • Sometimes could be noisy.

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4. Atomberg Gorilla 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote Ceiling Fan

Gorilla  1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote Ceiling Fan

If you are searching for a Fan with Remort control but with good efficiency. This is the best choice for you.

This is one of the best ceiling fans under Rs. 4000/- with the most energy-efficient BLDC motor. The BLDC motor reduces friction and power loss also it consumes about 28 watts of electricity at the highest speed.

It has an aluminum allow body with superior paint finish, which makes this truly adorable. This Gorilla ceiling fan runs 3 times longer an inverter than an ordinary fan with better output performance.

It provides a maximum speed of air delivery at 220 cubic meters per minute. The Remort control of the fan gives you smart control on your fan without moving from the bed with different modes.


  • This is the 5-star rated fan.
  • Remort control function makes it more comfortable.
  • it gives the highest airflow
  • Consume lowest power
  • it gives the highest airflow
  • The aluminum body and glossy look makes it beautiful.


  • This is only for indoor uses.
  • Price is a bit high

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5. Crompton HS Plus 48-inch Power Saver High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan

This Crompton HS Plus 48-inch Power Saver High-Speed Ceiling Fan is a BEE 5 star rated. Fan consumes only 53-watt of power at high speed and delivering a great airflow of 218 mm which ensures to circulate the airflow in every corner of the room equally.

Its motor speed is 320 rpm and blade sweep is 1200 mm. Thus it has a high-reliability on-air delivery circulation too.

The main benefit of the fan is that it consumes minimum power, So it saves electricity and reduces the electricity bill too.


  • It delivers good airflow
  • Hight in speed
  • Consumes really low power
  • It is really quite and calm
  • Double ball bearing 
  • It is energy efficient and control the electricity bills 


  • Blades of the fans are bit thin 

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6. Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200mm Premium Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Aeroquiet Premium Ceiling Fan

This Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200mm Premium Ceiling Fan has a good design and superb body, which complements all types of interiors at your home.

The aerodynamic design ensures a powerful airflow to every corner of the room.

It has a high motor efficiency of the 18-pole sturdy motor and rust-free blades, which created by using compounded ABS.

Thus the Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200mm Premium Ceiling Fan is one of the latest models from the Orient, that actually has a good name in fan manufactures. So this fan will no doubt give you the most efficient performance.


  • It has an 18-pole heavy motor.
  • Double ball bearing 
  • It has rust-free blades and high-gloss premium finish
  • work silently
  • Design of the fan is Aesthetic 


  • Bit-expensive
  • Consumes a more power

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7. Usha Striker One 1200mm78-Watt Ceiling Fan

Usha Striker One Ceiling Fan

Usha Striker One 1200mm78-Watt Ceiling Fan is also one of the best ceiling fans available in India under Rs.2000.00

This fan is low in maintenance and give result even at low voltage. The rpm of the fan is 380 and it runs at a speed of 225 CMM, which provides a good air delivery and blade span for more airflow in every corner of the room.

Also, the sleek design of the fan makes it adorable to see and improves the decor of your home.


  • Its sleek design look too good.
  • Glossy paint and superior fineish makes it adorable and long-lasting 
  • Does not create humanoid noise.
  • During its motor with 380rpm, it works successfully even in low voltage.


  • Quality could be better 

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8. Havells ES 50 Five Star 1200mm Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

Havells ES 50 Five Star Ceiling Fan

Havells ES 50 Five Star 1200mm Energy Saving Ceiling Fan is a perfect combination of good looks, durability, price speed, and air delivery.

All of these features making it a 5-star rating from BEE. It consumes a max of 52 watts of electricity and fan rotates at the high speed of 350 rpm, which allows it to give better-breezing experience all over the room.

Looks at the fan is elegant and charming with its sleek design and flawless paint coating, which makes it shiny to look.


  • The looks and quality of the fan are good.
  • Fans sweep of 1200 mm gives good airflow 
  • Work at low voltage. 


  • It can be a little low in price. 

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9. Super Fan X1 Ceiling Fan 5 Star Rated with BLDC Motor and Remote Controlled

Super Fan X1 Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Superfan Super X1 1200 mm Ceiling Fan comes with an eye-catchy unique and smart design, which can suit a modern interior of your home.

Its blade is also designed with different shapes. This fan comes with a smart remort which has many inbuilt buttons to control the speed, timer, breeze function, and sleep mode.

Superfan consumes only 35 watts of electricity besides its high efficient BLDC motor.


  • It consumes low electricity & also the same energy. 
  • The design of the fan is really good.
  • Have a remort control.
  • Speed of the fan is high which deliver good airflow 


Price could be lessĀ 

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