Best Mixer Grinder

Best Mixer Grinder

Best Mixer Grinder in India 2020 : Top 10 Mixer Grinder 

Mixer Grinders have become the most important electric appliance for every kitchen in the neoteric world.

I remember how my Grandmother used to make chutneys with ‘sil-battas’. Grind dry spices like red chilly & turmerics in ‘dauri-dandas’, had to used ‘bilona’ to make lassi and shakes with her hand.

These procedures were not only very stiff but at the same time, they took so much time too. But in the contemporary world, we have Mixer Grinder, which has made chopping, slicing, grinding, mixing and juicing so easy for us.

With the help of them, we can make many types of chutneys, batters for dosas and idlis, grind dry spices, knead atta and make fresh juice in minutes.

I Would say a mixer grinder is the best companion for everybody in the household kitchen.

So if you want to replace your old one or planning to buy your first one then this is the right place for you. We have made your work easy to choose the right one for you.

We have searched the top 10 most efficient Mixer Grinder after long research with their capabilities, qualities, price and also gone through the buyer’s reviews to give you the best result.

1. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Preethi zodiac 218 750 watt

Let’s start with the Super Amazing Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt. This mixer grinder is really eyeing catchy and gives a rich look to your Kitchen.

It comes with 5 jars, 3 of its jars are for mixing and grinding, comes in three different sizes as per your need and requirement. But the other 2 jars make this mixer grinder different from others.

The first one is Master chef jar – This jar can knead atta within a minute, with the help of this you can do the chopping, slicing, grating and meat mixing too.

Second is 3 in 1 insta fresh juicer – This jar can do 3 functions: firstly you can make juice of fresh fruits, secondly, with this, you can extract tamarind essence or coconut milk and thirdly its blender can make shakes and lassi.

Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder comes with unique 750 Watt Vega W5 motor which can grind whole spices and toughest ingredients in minutes. Along with this, it has a fast motor cooling function, which cools down the motor quickly.

All the jars have Super-sharp stainless steel blades, which allows the finest grinding and chopping for your convenience.

So, we can say this is a must-buy product for every woman which will allow you to do many at your works in minutes.

Key Feature

  • Powerful 750 watt motor
  • 5 Jar for multi tasking, likes Aatta kneading, Chopping, Grinding, Juicing & Shakes.
  • Graceful Design
  • A.B.S Body
  • 5 Year of motor warranty

2. Philips HL7756/00 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Philips 7756

This Philips HL7756/00 750 watt juicer mixer grinder gives you an easy way to handle juicing, mixing and grinding actives at your kitchen.

It has include 3 pcs of stainless steel jar of different sizes. Jar 1 (1.5 L), Jar 2 (1 L) and Jar 3 (0.3 L)

This Philips HL7756/00 is specially designed for grinding tough ingredients, like grams and whole spices. It’s 750- watt Turbo motor allows you to do the same very conventionally. The advance air ventilation system provides faster cooling of the appliance which ensures longer life of the motor.

Blades of jars are specialized for cutting and grinding toughest ingredients into the fire and smooth pastes and chutneys.

So this one is a nice mixer grinder at the price range of Rs. 4000/-, But you can buy it at approx Rs. 3000/- at on Amazon.

Key Feature

  • 750 watt High Performance advance motor.
  • Advance Air ventilation system
  • Food Grade stainless steel 3 jar
  • Specialized blades for smooth grinding

3. Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Bajaj Rex 500

That Bajaj Rex 500 is a durable kitchen appliance made of stainless steel, which prevents rusting and has vacuum feet for easy operation. It has also a motor overload protection to safeguard the motor during power fluctuation.

Bajaj is one of the best and trusted name in the world of Mixer Grinder and Juicer range. This Bajaj Model name ‘Rex 500’ comes with 3 jars for multiple uses like liquidizing, grinding and mixing. Although it has only 500 watts of the motor. But its blades are sharp which will give you fine textured blended preparations.

Overall this is a good product at a nice price.

Key Feature

  • Motor 500 Watt
  • 3 speed control
  • Sturdy stainless steel jars for liquidizing , Dry & Wet grinding & Chutney making
  • Easy grip jar handles
  • Multi-functional blade system
  • Motor overload protector
  • Elegant body design
  • 1 year Warranty on product

4. Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt

Looks of Panasonic MX-AC400 is very pretty to charm anyone for it. This will definitely make your kitchen look smarter than before.

Its 4 jar makes this Panasonic MX-AC400 mixer really cool, with them you can easily extract fruit and vegetable juice, blend shakes, mincemeat, grind dry spices, make the paste, prepare coconut milk and much more.

Juice jar of that mixer grinder is awesome. You can make any type of fruit juice in it, like watermelon, orange, apple, pineapple, berries, etc. Seeds of the fruits will not grind and will stuck in its strainers.

The motor of the mixer is good at 550-watt and have magic seal protection. Therefore it allows you to grind the toughest ingredients with ease.

Panasonic MX-AC400 is designed as a dual safety mechanism system. Firstly the safety lid-locking system in all jars prevents the motor from starting until the lid is tightly locked. And the second is that the system also ensures that the jars are also fixed properly before the motor is turned on.

Key Feature

  • Double Safety Locking System
  • Magic seal protection
  • 4 Multi tasking Jar
  • Easy to transfer the juice
  • 550 watt motor

5. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond

Make your kitchen life easy with Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750 Mixer Grinder. This well-formed mixer grinder comes with rust and shockproof body which is made by using ABS plastic. Therefore there is no chance to get shock from any voltage fluctuation and overload.

The Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond has a 750-watt inbuilt motor, which can perform at three various speeds. Also, it has a pulse function in case you want to do mixing and grinding in your own way. Because of its powerful 750 watt motor, It gives you the best result with your mixing and grinding.

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond comes with 3 different sizes of jars. The jars are made with high-quality stainless steel which has undergone 72 hours long salt spray test to ensure in rustproof quality.

Blades of the jars are also machine grounded and polished well to give you quickest and best grinding performance.

The Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond has a special feature with its Flexi lid. you can convert the capacity of a jar 1.5 Liter to 1.0 Liter. This is useful when you are not sure about the quantity of your masala, chutney, gravies.

So, This one is a nice choice to purchase a powerful mixer grinder with a good price.

Key Feature

  • Motor 750 Watt
  • Three High Quality Stainless Steel Jar
  • Blades well polishes and machine grounded
  • Shock Proof 

6. Butterfly Smart 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Butterfly Smart 750

Butterfly Smart 750 Mixer Grinder is as smart as its name. This 750-watt mixer grinder comes with 4 pcs of jar of different sizes. These jars are made of premium quality stainless steel, with really fine finishing.

Jars razor-sharp rotator blades do chopping and grating nicely in a very quick way. Jars have transparent poly-carbonate lids, which allow you to see the ingredients and monitor the grinding process as per your preference.

The Juicer jar has an easy-to-use pusher, which helps to extract more amount of juice. All jar has a strong and sturdy handle, which provides a firm grip and also gives you heatproof and shatter-resistant experience.

Butterfly Smart 750 mixer grinder works on a 750-watt powerful motor but consumes very low electricity.

Overall, this one could be a nice choice as your companion in your Kitchen. You can buy this Butterfly Smart 750 on amazon at approx Rs. 2600/-.

Key Feature

  • 750 watt powerful Motor 
  • Automatic overload cut off facility
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Unbreakable transparent dome lid and flat lids made of poly carbonate material
  • Special rubber shoes for extra firm grip
  • Easy to handle and clean

7. Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder 

Prestige Iris 750

Prestige Iris 750 watt Mixer Grinder will give you a nice experience with smooth and fast blending. The mixer grinder has 4 multi-purpose Jars. Three of them are made from stainless steel and the juicer jar are made of transparent plastic to give you smooth fluffy shakes and fine juices.

Its heavy-duty 750-watt motor is designed to grind the most solid ingredient into smooth formations. The blades of the mixer grinder are also made of premium quality stainless steel, which allows you to grind and blend ingredients perfectly.

All 4 jars have a sturdy handle made of durable plastic. It perfectly fits into your hand grip and prevents slippage.

So, you will surely like this latest mixer grinder from prestige for its good looks and good functions.

Key Feature

  • 750 watt strong Motor
  • 3 speed control
  • 3 stainless steel jar + 1 juicer jar 
  • Multipurpose stainless steel blade

8. Sujata Dynamix DX 900-Watt Mixer Grinder

Sujata Dynamix DX 900 Watt Mixer Grinder

Sujata Dynamix DX 900-Watt Mixer Grinder is really dynamic with it powerful motor of 900 watts with double ball bearing efficiency, which means it will work on a low-efficiency note and even give you trouble-free operation for years.

It also comes with 3 jars. The Dome jar is perfectly going with wet grinding of grams and rice for making dosa and idli batter. On the other hand, the remain two jars are good for dry grinding.

During its powerful motor, you can do 90 minutes of continuous running operation with this. And its high strength stainless steel blades chop faster and finest.

That Mixer Grinder also comes with 3 speed with rotary action switch and whipper button for fleeting motion, Specially for making cold coffee and whipping cream.

Sujata Dynamix DX 900 allows only vibration-free operation. It is totally shockproof and safe for you.

Overall I would like to say since it is not a big name in the market but still it is good in performance. So if want to buy this don’t hesitate, go ahead and buy this.

Key Feature

  • Most powerful 900 watts motor with double ball bearings
  • Vibration free operation
  • Dome jar for wet grinding
  • 2 separate stainless steel jars for dry grinding and chutney grinding
  • High strength stainless steel blades
  • Totally shock-proof

9. Bajaj GX-1 (500-Watt) Mixer Grinder

Bajaj GX-1

This Bajaj GX-1 Grinds and blends all types of ingredients with perfections. This mixer grinder consumes 500-watt power, else it has an automatic shut-off function and a motor overload protector, Which pause the appliance when it becomes extra hot for preventing the motor from any damage.

Bajaj GX-1 comes with 3 stainless steel jars of different sizes. The liquid jar has 1.2 Liter capacity and dry jar and chutney jar have 0.8 Liter & 0.3 Liter of capacity.

The appliance has multi-function blade systems, which allow you to all types of grinding and blending with ease. With its 3 speed setting, you can control motor speed according to your needs and preference.

Overall I would say this is also a nice mixer grinder from Bajaj at affordable price.

Key Feature

  • 500 Watt Motor
  • 3 Different type Jar
  • Super Sharp Blades with multi function 
  • Elegant Body Design 

10. Maharaja Whiteline Joy Turbo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Maharaja Whiteline Joy Turbo

Maharaja Whiteline, a made in India brand since 1976. This Maharaja Whiteline Joy Turbo has a powerful motor of 750 watt, which is good for fine grinding of tough ingredient, dry spice & wet batters too.

The appliance has 3 heavy-duty stainless steel jars of different sizes. All the jars have ergonomic handles, which provide easy mounting and dismounting.

The unique oval depression on jars known as flow breakers, which provide better grinding. Jars have stainless steel super sharp blades that cut the toughest ingredients and also give the best wet and dry grinding experience.

This appliance has a 3+ pulse speed setting, which allows us to good control of our grinding and blending tasks.

The Maharaja Whiteline Joy Turbo 750 watt has anti-slip feet, which ensure optimum grip while running the appliance. The design of the mixer grinder gives it a premium look with black and silver color.

Overall it is a nice appliance to buy it for your kitchen.

Key Feature

  • 750 watt Powerful cooper Motor
  • 3 different capacity heavy stainless steel jars
  • Ergonomic handle ensures easy usage and better grip
  • 3+ Pulse speed setting & easy to use knob


No.Name Motor Power No. of Jars Buy Now
1.Preethi Zodiac MG 218750 Watt5Buy Now
2.Philips HL7756/00750 Watt3Buy Now
3.Bajaj Rex 500500 Watt3Buy Now
4.Panasonic MX-AC400550 Watt4Buy Now
5. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond750 Watt3Buy Now
6.Butterfly Smart 750750 Watt4Buy Now
7.Prestige Iris 750750 Watt4Buy Now
8.Sujata Dynamix DX 900900 Watt3Buy Now
9.Bajaj GX-1 (500-Watt)500 Watt3Buy Now
10.Maharaja Whiteline Joy Turbo750 Watt3Buy Now

How to Choose the Right Mixer Grinder

Mixer Grinder is a must-have electric appliance for every kitchen. It is essential for most of your food preparations and for many more things.

However when we found our old mixer grinder distorted, then we go to a shop and buy the new one, which is available in the shop, as the salesman spell-out it as ‘the best’ one in the market. And we trust him and buy the one, which it wants to sell.

But the new generation has become smart now and the search well on the internet or other sources to buy anything new for the best. Here we are helping you to but a perfect mixer grinder for you, so keep these points in your mind while purchasing a new one:-

1. Type of Mixer Grinder 

Before purchasing the new one this is very important to understand which type of mixer grinder you need. There are several types of mixer grinders available in the market, but you have to go through as per your needs like if you just want a simple mixer grinder or want to have a juicer with or you want to add chopper and a doe-kneader too.

2. Number of Jars 

The number of jars is also an extension of the type of mixer grinder. Normally a mixer grinder comes with 2 pcs to 4 pcs jars. Here also you have to understand your requirement as if you only do simple grinding and mixing you will find the 2 jar useful. If you prefer juice-making at home, then you will find 3 jars better as in most at mixer grinder’s 3rd jar is always be a juice jar.

In case you have a big family and your task is more you will find a mixer grinder with 4 jars best for you.

3. Motor Power

A powerful motor is the most important thing of a mixer grinder. You can say motor works for mixer grinder as it’s a heart. You will find 400 watts to 900-watt motor power mixer grinder in the market.

Here also you have to select the right power as your preference as 400 to 500 watt powered motor is sufficient for wet and dry grinding. Whereas 750 watt to 900 watt powered motor is good for hardest ingredients and battlers for idly & dosas. Yet 750-watt motor is an idol in all ranges.

4. Speed control Function 

Along with the powerful motor, it is also necessary to watch on the speed function of the motor. There should be 3 stages of speed control levels along with a momentary function also available in a good mixer grinder.

These Speed control functions allow us to do grinding and blinding as per our preference and needs. It is always good to start any grinding with low speed then go for medium & high speed as your requirement. With this method not only you will find good results with your ingredient also the motor will not get instant load and will be safe for long-lasting.

5. Safety Lock System  

Safety Lock System firstly ensure that the mixer grinder will not start the motor until the jar is not in the proper position with the base unit. This function protects you from any accident or damage. Secondly, you should check that lids of jars also have the safety lock system, Which prevents spill out the food from jars while it is running.

6. Overload Protection   

This Function is also very necessary for every mixer grinder. This function works when the motor gets overload or overheating. It happens when we fill the jar little extra or run the mixer for a long time with not giving rest to it. In that situation, the overload protection works and stops the mixer grinder to prevent the motor from burning or any other damage.

7. Warranty 

You should have an eye to warranty period while buying a mixer grinder along with other features. This will help you in maintenance and or not working for any part of the mixer grinder. Usually, you will get 1 to 5 years warranty on most of the mixer grinders. So it is good to keep this in your mind to get better service.

8. Cost, Offers & Discount

Last but not least, you should compare the prices between your desired models. Usually, a mixer grinder with a powerful motor and extra accessories is more costly than a simple mixer grinder. However, sometime you will find a huge difference between some kind of mixer grinder of varied brands.

So, you should always compare the price before buying anything. Being a new generation person, We would also suggest to check out various online sites to get maximum discounts and offers.

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